How American Woman Designs Was Started

American Woman Designs started out as simple therapy after I had monumental health issues in December 2019. Through my healing process, I was diagnosed with PICS PTSD (Post Intensive Care Syndrome PTSD). One of the few things that helped with the episodes was designing tshirt slogans with things you’ve seen in memes that you thought “I’d love that on a tshirt!”

As I continued to heal and learn how to manage my PICS PTSD episodes, I grew stronger. Then, I heard the song “American Woman” by Lenny Kravitz while I was driving one day and it empowered me, giving me that “deep in your gut” strength and drive! I felt so STRONG!

I started thinking about all of the awesome American women I know. The one thing they (we) all share in common is that we’re American women, strong, fierce and incredible. Each of us is Legendary. My brand, American Woman Designs, is all inclusive – age, heritage, profession, sexual orientation, background, lifestyle – everything is included here. It’s not so much a style as it is a concept for the average incredible woman that we pass on the street every day. The clothing and accessories themselves are not anything new – but the designs on them are. As AWD grows, the selection of items will too!

Who am I?

I’m Jennifer. I’m a fifty-something year old woman who feeds on sarcasm, laughter and good energy. I’m an insurance agent by day. I take great pride in the service I give my clients as well as strong ethics and
integrity (thanks, Mom!). But after work hours, I’m a wife, mom, daughter, friend and pet-mom.

I’m energetic and lazy. I love mornings and I love weekend naps! I’m pretty quick witted and take any chance I can to act like a 12 year old boy! I’m not petite (never have been or will be), I change my hair color/style/length on a whim and if I could wear jammies to my day gig, I would!

I love music (my playlist has been referred to as bipolar), I love to sing, I love to dance, I love to write (working on a novel) and I love clothes and shoes! I have a wonderful husband, a pain-in-the-butt teenage son, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

Like you, I’ve been through the ringer. And also like you, I keep on getting up and forging ahead.


 We are Legendary!

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